Mentor Ministry (Charles Rambo, Doris Dansby) – Developing friendships, with boys and girls  with a particular end in mind: to increase self-esteem and promote good study habits to improve or elevate the standard of living among students.  These relationships anchor the vision of the potential self, as the mentor offers both insight and emotional support.  For our young students, mentors embody and inspire the possibility of committed and meaningful adulthood.

Financial Ministry  (Clint Chitman, Richard Graham, James Blanton)  –  Receive, supervise counting and depositing all church offerings according to church policy.  Post receipts and disbursements of all accounts according to financial system.  May be delegated to the church secretary.  Post offerings weekly to individual accounts from file envelopes.  May be delegated to church secretary.  Prepare bank reconciliation statements monthly.  Prepare financial reports for Minister, and church business meetings. Prepare monthly and annual financial statements.

Media Ministry (Henry Hewitt, Rita Smalley) – The Media Ministry is to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our visually driven, ever-changing world through the use of technology and media.  Through newspaper announcements, as well as pictures of Russell Road activities.  To keep the Shreveport area aware of all services and activities of the congregation.

Benevolent Ministry (Henry Brown) – This Ministry is a ministry designed to assist and minister to those in need.  It is not a loan service and we cannot make or give loans.  Help is given for such things as medical needs, food, lodging, transportation, rent, utilities, clothing, and many other of life’s expenses.  The Benevolence Committee will determine how these funds are best spent. It is our goal to show the love of Jesus Christ to others in the community by helping as many people as we can.