Youth Ministry (John Eric Patterson) – .  Work with the Minister and Director of Education to enlist workers for grades 6-12.  Conduct special training projects for workers and parents in proper relationship to the church youth training program.  Advise in the use of program materials, equipment, supplies, and space by grades 6-12 in all church activities.  Direct the planning and conducting special projects (such as camps, special trips and retreats) for grades 6-12.  Specifically the youth conference and the annual fun day.

Education Ministry (Kevin Wilson) – Lead the church in planning, conducting and evaluating a comprehensive program of Christian education.  Serve as educational resource person and advisor to the Minister and leaders of the church program to avoid conflict, duplications and overlapping. Develop special education and training projects such as camps, retreats, and study seminars for various age groups within the congregation. Lead the church to be aware of the educational and curriculum materials available and assist in choosing the most suitable.

Library Services Ministry – (Rita Smalley, LaTonya Rattler) Maintain an adequate church library of materials and equipment.  Actively promote the use of library service materials and equipment in all church activities and programs.  Work with the Minister in the enlistment of volunteer personnel to adequately staff the library.

Audio/Video (Kameron  Wilson, Louis Collins, Sr.) – Record all pulpit sermons.   Maintain master copies.  Take orders for duplication. Make copies as ordered.  Report and give funds to Minister’s secretary.  Maintain recorder to be used in sick and shut-in ministry.  Keep record of who checks out recorder.

Internet Ministry  (Rita Smalley) – Lead in formulation of and update of church web site.  Additionally, lead in internet ministry by listing correspondence courses and providing a link for requesting other printed materials, etc.