Building Superintendent (Charles Rambo, Louis Collins) – Work with the Minister and leaders in the supervision of all housekeeping.  See that the church buildings and grounds are well kept at all times.  Check all equipment and see that it is always in good working condition.  Keep informed of the church calendar and see that maintenance and housekeeping work is done accordingly.  Do maintenance work as necessary or as requested.  Supervise all contracted work.

Food Services Ministry (George Price) – Requisition and purchase food for all scheduled meals and social functions.  Prepare and serve food for all meals in the church dining room(s).  Plan all menus for meals in the church dining room(s).

Director of Van/Bus Outreach Ministry (George Price) – Help enlist and train workers for all areas including van maintenance, and safety. Direct the van workers meetings as necessary. Make recommendations to the Minister and leaders concerning the expansion of the van ministry program and assist in survey of the area. Evaluate the van ministry and make recommendation for changes where needed.  Lead the church in securing vans and other needed equipment. Be responsible for all keys and for the use of and scheduling of vans for all church activities.

Radio and Television Ministry (John Dansby) – Be responsible for the acquisition of time for all church approved broadcasting, and for execution of all written or verbal agreements with broadcasting personnel.  Cooperate with the Minister in giving  help in the optimum use of broadcast time for the church.  Coordinate all promotion of broadcasting for the church program and ministries.  Be responsible for proper care and use of all church owned broadcasting equipment and the sanctuary public address system.

Student Scholarship Ministry (George Price) – Administer student Frank Cecil Brown (FCB) scholarship funds. Review and make decisions on all applications for scholarships.
See that proper papers are signed and checks delivered when scholarship is awarded. Set up systematic systems for granting scholarships.

Ushers Ministry (Gary Richardson, Sr.) – Enlist and instruct ushers and greeters to serve at all services of the church. Assure that the auditorium is in comfortable physical order before each service.   Check to make sure offering plates, orders of worship, and other needed aids and supplies are in their proper place. Greet people and provide each person with an order of worship. Create an atmosphere of genuine welcome and concern for all attending the services.