Perhaps you have heard of the church of Christ through advertisement or by special invitation from its members. Maybe there is a building in your community where the church of Christ meets, and you have considered attending one of their worship services. But you have put it off simply because of the dread of going to a strange place, not knowing what to expect. May we briefly introduce ourselves? And let you know what to expect when you visit us.

You can expect a warm, friendly welcome. Friendliness is a natural response of a Christian. We believe that one of the basic foundation principles of Christianity is love and friendship toward our fellowman. (Mt.22:36-401 True Christianity recognizes no sex, social or racial differences. (Gal. 3:281 neither does it permit respect of persons on the basis Of poverty or wealth. (Jas. 2:1-91 Jesus is our superb example in friendliness, in that he was Compassionate toward all humanity, regardless of their status in life. We believe you will find that same spirit among Christians today. Therefore, when you visit us, you will be considered an honored guest. You will be greeted with kindness and courtesy. Why not give us the opportunity to become your friend’! (Cf Prov. 18:24)

You can expect our service to be with reverence and order. We strive to engage in all worship and service with decency and order. (I Cor. 14:-40) The order of our worship is usually planned by our elders. Each item of worship is usually announced and often briefly explained by the men who lead us in our worship.This enables each of us to know what is going on and helps us to better prepare our minds for worship. We try to avoid all extremism in Worship. Neither ritualism nor emotionalism is characteristic of our worship. You can expect our worship to be spiritual, reverent and orderly.

You can expect our worship to be simple. It’s simple because it is based entirely on the worship authorized in the New Testament. Jesus taught that our worship was to be spiritual and according to truth. (Jn. 4:24) Our worship to God includes the Lord’s Supper, giving, singing, prayer and teaching the gospel. Each of these blooms with the beauty of simplicity. We do not try to improve on God’s divine plan and beauty with pageantry or innovations of men. We believe you will be impressed with the simplicity of our worship.

You can expect congregational singing. Singing is a vital part of our worship. All members of our congregation will blend their voices together in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. The purpose of our songs is to praise God, to teach and admonish one another through our singing. (Eph. 5:19; Col. 3:16) Since the command to sing is specific and addressed to the individual, we do not add a mechanical instrument of music in our worship in songs. For the same reason we do not have choirs to sing for us or any type of mood music to entertain us. Many who have visited us have been highly impressed with the beauty and spirituality involved in congregational singing. Why not come and see for yourself?

What to expect when you visit the Church of christ